Is WinX DVD Ripper Platinum the Best Ripping Tool?

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is one of the rapid and speedy DVD Ripper that doesn’t require any complicated procedure for the usage. If you ever go through any DVD Ripper, then you would know what comfort and features this software provide to you. It let you transform the DVD into any format and make it easy for you to watch with a high quality output.

It’s in the market for the last one decade and is originated by Digiarty Software Inc. Since then, it has been used by millions of people due to the unimaginable features and functionalities it offers.

Once you get your hands on this exceptional WinX Ripper, then you would inevitably know that how it is above all of the others. Let’s get going with the topic and in order to make you people more aware of it, have a look at its features.

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The Features of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Here comes with the 6 major features of this fantastic DVD ripper that will tell you how it is being acknowledged for all the right reasons.

  1. It Has a Fast Speed

One of the foremost things that annoy people the most is the low speed of any DVD ripper, but the primary advantage that this ripping tool provides to its user is, it won’t let you complain about the speed.

WinX DVD Ripper has a fast speed that converts or rips any DVD within no time, which makes people contented and satisfied. It is also said that it has the capacity of ripping a 2-hour long program or video in only 5 minutes, leaving people appalled. Isn’t it?

  1. It Doesn’t Compromise on Quality

The quality of any video is one of the foremost requirements of every user. What makes WinX unique is it’s a never-ending quality even after ripping 4- or 5-hours long videos within no time. It has a trademark of transforming any DVD without losing its quality.

Moreover, it is enriched with a user-friendly interface that makes everything easy for you to understand. You won’t get confused on any step because of uncomplicated and easy to go steps.

  1. Ability to Rip All DVDs including Copy-protected DVDs

This feature is very crucial as most of the commercial DVDs have copy-protections like CSS, Sony ARccOS, Cinavia Protection, and more. Some software especially the free dvd ripping programs is unable to rip those DVDs.

But with WinX software, you not only can rip the DRM protected discs but also able to remove the region code restrictions so you can read or watch any DVDs on your system. Check out the following video and you will know how to rip the DVD with WinX software.

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  1. View on Mobile Devices

Another adequate feature that needs your attention is the fact that it transcodes the videos that can also be viewed on your portable devices by going through without any complicated procedure.

You can check those videos on Sony PlayStation, Microsoft (Surface, X Box, Windows Phone), Android and Apple (iTunes, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone). People usually prefer to view the videos on their mobile phones as you can carry your phone anywhere you want. Hence what else a person wants than this?

  1. It is Recommended by Professionals

Do you know that all the professionals not only use this incredible DVD ripper in fact they also recommend it to others due to its multi-faceted features that make everything simple, fast, and easy to understand?

It is also estimated that approximately 3,600,000 videos are being processed or transcode every year, which depicts its popularity and acknowledgment. Millions of users have chosen this software ripper over others due to its impressive features and quality.

  1. It has an Affordable Cost

Now you might be wondering that despite all the things it offers, it might be unaffordable. Well, it is also included in the list of one of the easily affordable DVD Rippers that not only make things simple, also don’t let you lose your budget.

You may easily get your hands on it at an affordable rate. I think after knowing its features in detail, who doesn’t want to purchase this super amazing WinX DVD Ripper Platinum that has everything that a person can wish and acquire.

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Pros and Cons of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum


Now let’s talk about a few of the pros of this ripper that would surely make you think about purchasing it. The WinX DVD Ripper incorporates the following advantages:

  • It is ideal for individual or small businesses. So if you are running or are about to have a small business set up, then I would recommend you to have this fantastic ripper that will make things easy for you. 
  • This DVD Ripping program has been awarded the great user experience award that depicts its approval and admiration among people. It offers everything that a person can demand.
  • They keep on updating their software and now and then come with a new version that enriched with additional features, which increases its worth and demand.
  • WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is an upgrade version of WinX free ripper that indeed brings more appreciable things for you. The Platinum version can rip the copy-protected discs. 
  • It also allows you to experience it with a free trial yet with limited features. If you feel satisfied, then you may proceed with its licensed software. If not, then you may skip it.


After making yourself aware of its features and pros, brace yourself with its cons that also need your attention. The disadvantages of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum includes:

  • The WinX DVD Ripper Platinum provides support to its users only via email. You can’t get their assistance on any regard in any other platform. You can’t even have their presence on mobile phones. Besides all this, they are not available on email 24/7 that is their biggest drawback.
  • It has an annoying built-in player. Undoubtedly, they work exceptionally in the video formats, yet they need to work on their audio quality because it is somehow poor and needs improvement.


So, it was all about WinX DVD Ripper Platinum that provides the best services to its customers from being providing an uncomplicated procedure to no compromise on the video quality; it has everything that increases its worth and makes it a must-experience decoder program.

If this article has succeeded in making you impressed with its features and pros, then don’t waste time and purchase it ASAP. You can also try it with the free trial download that allows you to use it but with limiting features. Go and get your hands on this exceptional WinX DVD ripper today (special discount coupon embedded).