Why People Use Movavi Video Converter As a Video Compressor?

Creating videos is always a fun yet complicated element as you need to look beyond many aspects to make them outstanding and worth appreciating. If you are a video maker, you might have experienced different video converters that might have given you effective results, but wait, have you tried Movavi Video Converter?

If you haven’t yet, you are missing something huge because Movavi is considered one of the superior and most significant video compressor software that provides you with unbelievable results. It carries every possible feature that needs to make the video outstanding.

From being the fastest video conversion software to being the best editing software, it does every feature brilliantly. Let’s move ahead and discuss its features and Pros in detail for better understanding.

What You Can Expect From The Movavi Video Converter?

Undoubtedly it is one of the finest movie conversion software that you will ever come across to make your video class apart. From many features, we have enlisted a few worth mentioning to mobilize the software’s importance.

The List of Benefits

You don’t need to do an experiment with this software as it guarantees to give you powerful and acceptable features. Let’s check out some of the benefits of having it.

  • Easy to Use Video Software

If you are a newbie and haven’t used any converter before, one of your main concerns would be its interface that either the software is easy to handle or you need proper training. Thankfully, Movavi Video Converter has an easy-to-use interface that lets the user understand the functioning within no time.

Even as a newbie, you won’t find it hard to understand its features and functions. For example, to convert or compress a video you just need 3 simple steps: add the file, choose and desired output format, and convert.

  • Converts in 180+ Formats

The software allows you to make the conversion in different audio & video formats, including MP4, AVI, MP3, PNG, GIF, MKV, etc., and some other HD formats.

Furthermore, it has 200+ presets designed for all portable devices, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and more. So, you can easily convert any video format and playable on portable devices or gadgets.

  • It Can Compress and Reduce the File Size

It compresses the video while maintaining the video quality and lets you upload the compressed video on your online platforms, including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc., conveniently. 

You also can later copy all the smaller size videos to your memory stick that will enable you to make enough space for other videos on your tablet or other devices. This feature made me convinced to give this software a try.

  • Fast Speed and High-Quality Results

If you want fast conversion software with high-quality end results for your created videos, here is one of the best recommendations. Most of the Movavi users have witnessed satisfactory results after using the software.

It made your video class apart and enriched a free download option. So, you can download the videos from online sources and change them to different formats to be playable on various devices.

  • Enriched with Editing Features

If you want to give various effects to your video in order to make it higher-level, the Movavi software also provides you with this facility. You can enjoy the process without any error issue and the convenience of quintessential compression.

For example, you can rotate or trim a video; add captions and watermark; stabilize shaky videos, and more.

  • Secure, Clean, and Fastest Customer Service

One of the main concerns of compressor software users is the security that either our data will remain secure or not. Fortunately, the software guarantees 100% security. You also can safely download and use the program without any issues.

Furthermore, they are a pro at providing customer service. Contact them regarding any issue, and they will get back to you with professional advice. Isn’t it satisfactory?

Official page: https://www.movavi.com/videoconverter/

The Pros and Cons of Movavi Video Converter Premium

Want to know more about this amazing converter software? Let’s put a light on a few of its pros and cons to make the final decision.


  • It is one of the fast video conversion software that is recommended by well-known tech sites like Techradar and TopTenReviews.
  • The software is suitable for all levels of users, from newbie to pro!
  • The concerns regarding video size and quality can be removed from this software.
  • It gives you maximum video format options from which you can choose any, as well as some movie editing as you wish.
  • You can alter the sound volume in the video as per your requirement.


  • No 2D video to 3D format conversion like some other converters.
  • They need to enhance the video editing features.

Note: The free trial download version will add a watermark on the output file and only half the video file length is converted.

How to Use Movavi Video Converter to Compress Video?

Let’s discuss this element in a smile and easy to understand steps for better comprehension. It doesn’t require experience to get it down, as anyone with zero experience can convert the video with this software.

Before we really get started, make sure you already buy and download the software.

Then, install the software and follow the steps below and get your compression work done.

  1. Attach a Video

In the upper left corner, you will come across an ‘Add Media’ option and then choose the ‘Add Video…’ option. From the Open File dialog box, you have to choose that video option that you want to convert. After choosing, click Open.

Movavi video converter add video file
  1. Select the Formats

This software offers more than 180 format options, so can choose the desired video format or device. In order to choose the desired format instantly, you can also use the Search function that at once can recognize your device.

On the other hand, if you associate your gadget to the PC and select the Cell Phone option to one side of the pursuit bar, the program will identify and suggest the suitable preset for your gadget.

Movavi video converter choose video format
  1. Set the Output File Size

Next, go back to the source file list and select the file size as needed. After clicking, a dialog box will appear, drag the File size slider as needed. You will across a Convert Sample button that will show you how people will perceive your file after the conversion. Click that option.

  1. Compress the File/Video

Last but not least, click on the ‘Save to’ button to set the location of the output file to be saved, i.e. for example save to the desktop. If you don’t change, the file will save by default to the Movavi Library folder.

Now click the Convert button to begin the process; within no time, the required video will be converted and will open automatically.

Final Thoughts

The video conversion process has never been this easy, but all thanks to Movavi Video Converter Premium that has made things easy and straightforward to understand. Whatever conversion software you are using right now, give Movavi a try, as I am sure you won’t regret it.

I have mentioned all the great features and advantages in this article so that it will be easy for you to make the final decision. Take notes from this guide and get your hands on it in order to witness satisfactory and high-quality results.

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