How to Copy a DVD to My Computer on Windows 10?

If you are facing any difficulties in copying a DVD file to your computer and you eagerly want to know the successful method which you can use to copy a DVD file to your computer, then you are at the right place.

In this era of Netflix and chill, some people still impressively know the value of old is gold, and that’s why they still use a DVD to watch movies. In case of copying the content of a DVD to the computer, we do not need any duplicators but just a computer.

However, copying a DVD to your system is not the most straightforward task, but a proper execution may help you to do so. Here is your solution as to how to copy a DVD to my computer.

how to copy a dvd to my computer

Difference Between DVD Ripping Software and DVD Copy Software

How to copy a DVD to my computer also requires knowledge, it is better to know about the difference DVD ripping and DVD copying as they both are used to copy the content of a DVD to the system, but they are different in a way when used.

  • DVD Copy Software

Copying a DVD is just simply removing the copying restrictions from the DVD by the use of a DVD copying software and save a backup copy into a new location on the computer.

There are several DVD copier programs in the market like the popular DVDFab DVD Copy, or DVD Cloner that you can use for CD or DVD backup purpose.

So, you can use DVD Copy software to make a duplication of the DVD discs easily and quickly without changing the content of the disc. If you want to change the content to different file format, it’s better to use the DVD ripper.

  • DVD Ripping Software

Ripping a DVD means rip the DVD content into a different file format. This gives you the independence to use the content of a DVD with any media player, not only on the computer but also on other devices like smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc.

Using the ripping software to copy a DVD makes you free to access the data on multiple devices. There is software like WinX DVD Ripper Platinum and Handbrake, which you can use to rip the content out of a DVD.

How to Copy a DVD to My Computer? (Paid Method)

Method 1: Using DVD Ripping Software

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum software makes it easy for you to rip the DVD and enjoy the data on any device of your choice. Here is a step-by-step guidance as to how you can pull a DVD content:

1. Visit the official site, and download the free trial or purchase the WinX DVD Ripper platinum software. The free trial version has limitations of converting 5 minutes video only as well as no access to the advanced functions.

2. Then, you need to install the software. Just double-click on the downloaded .exe file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installations.

3. Launch the software, you can load the DVD by clicking ‘DVD disc’ in the top left corner of the screen and click OK button to accept the ‘Auto Detect’ on DVD disc.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum screen

4. A new “Output Profile” window will pop-up after DVD is imported. Go through the available profile and choose one that best suits your needs. You can choose your category from the left side of the output profile and the format you want from the right side, i.e. MP4 and then click the OK button.

5. The next step (optional) will be to locate the folder you want the converted file to be save in the Destination Folder area. Click the Browse button and choose any of the easily accessible folders on your computer.

6. The last step will be to click on the RUN button, and the WinX DVD Ripper platinum software will get into action to rip your file into your chosen file format.

Official page:

Method 2: Using DVD Copy Software

Another method for you to copy a DVD to the computer hard drive is using a DVD copying software. The software like DVDFab DVD Copy helps you copy the DVD’s data to your laptop or computer while also maintaining the original quality of the content.

DVDFab DVD Copy is one of the quickest and reliable software to copy the data of a DVD on your computer’s disk. Here are the steps which you can follow:

1. Go to to download or purchase the DVDFab DVD Copy software in either Windows or Mac. Then, you need to install the software.

2. Insert a DVD to the DVD drive and launch the DVD copy program, you need to click on the Copy button and load the content of the DVD which you have imported.

DVDFab DVD Copy to load dvd source

3. After the source is loaded in, usually the longest title, also called the main movie will be selected by default. You can do some changes to the movie like adding subtitle, chapter, etc. before copying the DVD.

Note: In the “Advanced Settings”, you can choose the output size as DVD 5 or DVD 9.

4. Then, select the prefer Output directory should be set up to save the ripped files on the computer.

5. Lastly, you can start copying the DVD to your PC by clicking on the Start button.

Official page:

How to Copy a DVD to My Computer? (Free Method)

Method 3: Using Free DVD Ripping Software

Another software which you can use to make this question disappear as to how to copy a DVD to my computer is the Handbrake. Handbrake is a free and open-source multimedia software with various functionalities that helps you to copy your content from DVD for free.

Yes, it is free software to copy a DVD to your computer system. Below are the steps which you can follow to copy your DVD’s to your computer system.

1. Free download the software from and install it.

2. Insert a DVD on the optical drive and open up the handbrake application, then click the Open source button to load the source DVD to be rip.

3. Alternatively, there will be a menu named File, click on that and go for the DVD drive option.

4. After analyze the DVD, you can choose the title or chapters to be rip.

HandBrake DVD Ripper interface

5. Then, in the Destination file option, you can opt for the Browse button and choose the location or folder you want to store the ripped files.

6. In the Output Settings container, you can choose the intended file format like MP4. Below it you can see some extra settings to fine-tune the output video quality. If you are newbie, just skip the area.

7. Lastly, click the “Start Encode” button to let the ripping process start, and the file will be saved on your computer.

Official page:


These were the answers to how to copy a DVDs to my computer. Using the methods mentioned above or software, you can easily copy the content of a DVD on your computer. The difference between ripping software and copying software has been noted.

However, one should be aware that ripping a copyrighted content or personal data is a punishable offense in the eye of law. There is plenty of paid and free ripping software you can use to copy or rip the DVD you want. However, most free rippers are unable to remove & rip copyright-protected DVDs.

However, nowadays, most folks don’t use DVDs to watch movies or videos because they have easily accessible sources like Netflix or Amazon prime to manage content. Still, also they sound expensive to some people, and that’s when you can go for these easy and affordable options available on the Internet itself.