CleanMyMac X Review 2022: Details & Pricing

CleanMyMac X is the tenth-anniversary release of CleanMyMac, a standard macOS application that cleans a million Macs every day worldwide.

The software runs all necessary maintenance on a Mac, such as removing loads of junk and viruses and making the system speedier and more controlled.

CleanMyMac X’s purpose is to maintain your device clean such that it runs as though it were brand new. Temporary files are usually the cause for Mac users running out of storage, leaving their computer’s settings inefficient.

CleanMyMac’s range of tools assures that you’ll never have to trouble manually cleaning your Mac again.

CleanMyMac X review

The Benefits of Using CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac has always been about helping your device operate more smoothly and efficiently. It has a wide range of services and benefits, which is why it’s the best-rated Mac cleaner software.

  • Protection: Removal of Malware

When it comes to Mac systems, malware or other viruses are not a threat, but monitoring for malicious attachments regularly is among the better habits.

CleanMyMac X includes a Malware removal tool that will check your device and emails for infections and inform you if it detects a significant risk to the system.

This is noteworthy since not many other Mac cleaning tools have this feature, according to different reviews.


  • Protection: User Privacy

Obtaining total privacy in your device is something you should do regularly. When you decide to do your part, CleanMyMac’s Privacy management tool can assist you.

If you check your device for all data breaches, you’ll be shocked at how often your identity and data might be exposed (cookies, browsing and calls history, etc.).

Clearing out these records can benefit both interests since it will allow a faster system and protect your privacy.


  • Speedup: System Optimization

You may have encountered subpar performance of your system at some stage when you believed that it was growing old or that its hardware was decaying.

It’s partly accurate since if you persist in using your Mac at default settings for an extended period, your device will eventually get sluggish.

Some apps never completely exit their operation and keep specific components active in the background.

CleanMyMac can detect the systems and activities taxing your CPU and allow you to keep or disallow the app (or their features) running.


  • Speedup: Routine Maintenance

The software also analyses the status of your device in terms of your hard disk’s physical and logical state using a pre-built collection of scripts designed to enhance the performance of your Mac.

Options such as clearing the RAM spaces, removing cache files, repairing disk permissions, boosting mail speed, improving launches, etc., are some of the ways CleanMyMac X maintains and speeds up your device.


  • Cleanup: Junk Management

The digital Trash Bins give you a fair opportunity to double-check your options before permanently deleting your documents.

However, if you do not manually remove these files on a regular basis, they will continue to accumulate until your disc is full.

CleanMyMac includes a Trash Bin Clean-up option in its collection of tools to spare you the hassle of manually deleting the junk files.

When you click the “Scan” button, it’ll present you with the space consumed by the contents in the trash bin, from which you may permanently remove them by hitting “clean.”


  • Cleanup: Uninstaller & Updater

Use this software to remove the applications that are no longer needed on your system. You can run a scan and the software will list the unused apps (for the last 6 months), and you can remove them.

The software is also equipped with an updater feature that can update all the needed services on your system at once.

You also can control the system extensions, or plugins. For example, the program can scan all the extensions installed on your browsers. You can choose to disable it.


  • Other Benefits: Full Pack with Great Support

This is a comprehensive pack of software that you need to make your Mac system can perform better and at optimized performance. The simple and easy-to-use interface makes it stand up as one of the notable software.

Also, you can expect great customer support from the developer. In the Support tab, you can open an email support ticket and unbeatable live chat feature. You also can access their online knowledge base for more info. Here is the support link:

Official page:

CleanMyMac X – The Pros and Cons

Whether it is the best app in the world or the worst, everything has its advantages and shortcomings. As such, here are all the pros and cons of CleanMyMac X.


  • The UI is brilliant and logical. It is possible to run it on a Mac without any tech support.
  • The scanning speed is fast, and the outcomes of every operation are displayed in real-time.
  • Mac grows speedier and more tuned to meet current demands.
  • If you like to use a DropBox, CleanMyMac’s drop-down status report will show you the amount of storage reserved on the cloud services in real-time.
  • Outstanding customer service. MacPaw’s CleanMyMac is malware-free.
  • There are 13 different languages available.
  • Plans with a one-time payment or an annual subscription (Various payment options are available).


  • When opposed to other alternatives, it is rather pricey. Similar versions are obtainable at a lower cost.
  • It does not include a search option for duplicate files. As a result, if duplicates fill any negative area, it could evade CleanMyMac X’s detection.
  • No phone support is available.

CleanMyMac X Pricing

There are 2 options available, that is either purchase with one-off, or yearly subscription. All purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

1. For yearly subscription:

  • 1 Mac: $34.95
  • 2 Macs: $54.95
  • 5 Macs: $79.95

2. For one-off purchase:

  • 1 Mac: $89.95
  • 2 Macs: $134.95
  • 5 Macs: $199.95

How to use the CleanMyMac X to clean up and boost system speed?

Before you use the program, you should download, install and activate the software.

  • To download, just visit the official site here.
  • To install the app, you can just follow the onscreen instructions and we do not cover them here. You should greet with an activation screen.
  • To activate the software, click on the “Unlock Full Screen” button on the left panel, followed by Activate Now If you don’t have the activation key, you need to buy the software by clicking on the “Buy Plan” button.

Although the UI is straightforward and easy to understand, you can follow the steps below to clean your system and boost its speed.

1. When you first launch CleanMyMac X, it’ll take you to the Smart Scan screen.

2. Once you click on the “Scan” button, the software will examine your system and recommend methods to enhance it. This includes getting rid of junk files, identifying and eliminating possible risks, and improving system performance.

3. You may find several menus for CleanMyMac’s storage optimization tools under the Cleanup tab of the sidebar. Rather than a comprehensive scan, you may scan for specific objects such as system rubbish, picture junk, cache files, and more.

cleanmymac x system junk interface

4. There is an option such as, within the System Junk, you may enable CleanMyMac X Full Disk Access, allowing the software to discover and delete even more undesirable items.

5. CleanMyMac X may also help speed up your Mac by optimizing performance and clearing out the trash, which can slow it down. There are two choices here: Optimization and Maintenance.

6. Optimization can boost your Mac’s performance by enabling users to adjust app and system behavior.

7. The Maintenance functions similarly to a Mac tune-up. It can clear up RAM and space, perform maintenance routines, and clean DNS caches.

Of course, here are just some of the main features that can boost your Mac performance, there are many other functions that are worth exploring. You can check out the official CleanMyMac X website to learn about its function in greater detail.

Final Thoughts

CleanMyMac X includes several simple tools for instantly freeing up space on your device and removing junk files to speed up your system.

Its services continue to operate as they have since their creation, delivering an excellent blend of functionality, style, and customer experience. On top of it, it supports both Macs with the M1 CPU and older versions with Intel processors.

Most people know and understand why the system slows. CleanMyMac X is the way to go for those who value the simplicity of use and efficiency over anything else.

Click here to buy or subscribe to your very own CleanMyMac X.