AVG TuneUp for PC Complete Review

Computers start to freeze, crash and slow down with constant use after a time. The disturbances can be pretty frustrating, especially when doing an important task. But with the invention of optimization tools like AVG TuneUp, there is no need to worry.

AVG TuneUp is a multi-purpose program for PC optimization. It is helpful for both old and new PCs, and it can enhance your new PC and lengthen the life of your old one. 

If you are looking to solve some PC issues, AVG TuneUp could be the answer. So, keep reading this AVG TuneUp for PC review to know more. At the end of the write-up, you will have an idea and then decide whether you want to get it or not.

The Benefits/Features of AVG TuneUp for PC

Earlier, we saw that AVG TuneUp could improve and lengthen your PC’s life. In the following sections, we will try to learn the features, benefits, how to use the tool, etc. Here are the benefits of AVG TuneUp, with a short description for each one.

1. Provides Non-Stop Automatic Maintenance to Your PC

PCs can run into different problems due to junk pile-up. Once installed, you only have to turn it on, and the software will start working. It will fix your registry and clean up junk like cache files, browser traces and tracking cookies.

Once the software starts working, you will notice fewer freezes and crashes. Even if your PC is a bit old, it will perform better than before. 


2. Tune-Up and Speed Up Your PC

Many programs which you install continue to run even when you don’t use them. They eat up a lot of memory and slow down your PC. AVG TuneUp has technology that keeps unused programs in sleep mode. 

Your programs will start running only when you need them. Your PC will also run faster and better when the programs are in sleep mode. Performing tasks and playing games will be smoother and quicker.


3. Removes and Uninstall Old and Unnecessary Software

Often, most users forget about programs that they install on their devices. The accumulation of programs and files on the PC can cause the device to slow down, freeze up and crash. When you install AVG TuneUp, it will search, find and uninstall all the unnecessary software and programs. 

With most unwanted software being removed, your PC will become lighter in a sense and optimized. So, it will open, shut and work faster than before.


4. Make Space for New Programs and Files

AVG TuneUp will clean out the junk from your PC and make space for useful files. At the same time, it will boost and clean up to twenty browsers with only a single click.

With the software checking, caring and cleaning your PC 24×7, you can use your computer with ease.


5. Update All The Programs in Your PC with One Click

Outdated programs can also cause the PC to slow down, crash and freeze. But when you have AVG TuneUp, you don’t have to worry because it will update your programs whenever it is time.

When programs stay updated, you can work without issues like crashes, freeze. Opening and closing the PC will also be faster, and you don’t have to wait longer than necessary.

Official page: https://www.avg.com/en-ww/avg-pctuneup#pc

The Pros and Cons of AVG TuneUp for PC

AVG TuneUp is no doubt an amazing PC optimization tool. However, as with any other software, device or product, the tool is not without flaws. Here is a list of the pros and cons of the popular PC optimization tool. 


  • Fixes problems with one click with 24/7 auto maintenance
  • Easy to use, comes with an intuitive interface
  • Excellent tool for a tune-up more storage spaces and repair
  • Uninstall unneeded programs to enhance PC’s performance
  • Comes with a useful free trial version


  • Little pricey but often there is a special discount up to 50% OFF.
  • No lifetime license plan is available.

How to Install the AVG TuneUp for PC?

AVG TuneUp is an easy-to-use tool, so it won’t take much time to download, install and activate the software. Here are step-by-step instructions to install the software.

  • Go to the official AVG website and download the program.
  • Once downloaded, right-click and click on Run as administrator.
  • Click ‘yes’ if the User Account Control dialog prompts for permission.
  • Click the current language at the top right-hand corner of the screen to alter the default language setup. 
  • Now press on the ‘Install now‘ button and move on with the installation process.
  • Once installed, you can select ‘Free trial,’ ‘Activate,’ or ‘Purchase.’ Each has a set of instructions so you can click as required. 
  • AVG TuneUp will now be installed once you complete the steps. 
AVG tuneup interface

If you have trouble installing the software, you can examine the: 

  • Minimum system requirements (if your PC doesn’t have it, then it won’t install the program)
  • Disable third-party anti-virus software (no need if you use AVG anti-virus)
  • Restart the PC and try installing the program again

How to Use the AVG TuneUp to Optimize PC Performance?

Once AVG TuneUp gets installed, you can use it to perform one task at a time.

  • Conduct a maintenance scan: Click on the ‘Maintenance‘ button and select all the boxes you wish to clean. For each option, you also can click on the title to bring out their sub-title that you can choose the options to execute.
AVG tuneup maintenance interface
  • The software will clean everything without removing essential data. Click on the ‘FIX & CLEAN‘ button to start processing the tasks and click ‘Done‘ once it’s complete. 
  • Manage programs running on background: Some applications continue to run even not in use, and it can slow down your computer. But with AVG TuneUp, you can manage the apps with the Speed up function.
  • You can select ‘Sleep’, ‘Ignore’, or ‘Put all to sleep’ in the applications. Whenever you ‘sleep’ and want to use an app, press on ‘Wake.’
  • Free Up Space: Press on the ‘Free up space‘ button and select and click the ‘System junk‘ to clean the junk and browsing files.
AVG tuneup free up space interface
  • You can choose the ‘SELECT RECOMMENDED‘ option to clean files without losing important data. If you choose ‘SELECT ALL‘ or ‘SELECT NONE‘, you will have to select or de-select each file manually to clean or leave it as it is. Finally, press on ‘CLEAN NOW‘ button to have the files cleaned.
  • Undo Actions: You can also reverse your action by clicking on the History icon on the right-side (second-last from the bottom) of the AVG TuneUp main screen.
AVG tuneup undo actions interface
  • Select the intended option and click on the ‘UNDO‘ button. However, you can’t undo all the steps.
  • You also can click on ‘All Functions‘ (the grid icon) on the right of the screen to see what else AVG TuneUp can do for you.


Most computer experts and users consider AVG TuneUp for PC as one of their PC optimization tools. They only have plenty of positive things to say about it. But it is not wrong to have doubts because most programs disappoint us.

If you don’t want to spend money on something you haven’t tried, try the free trial offer and see. With so many positive responses from users, it is believed that you will not be disappointed too. Once the trial period is over, you can choose one of the subscriptions.

With the AVG TuneUp for PC installed, your PC will run longer, smoother and performing tasks will not be a hassle anymore. Work, play, and enjoy using the internet as long as possible.