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Welcome to our multimedia software reviews and recommendations site!

The main purpose we created this site is to help you (as a buyer) to choose the most suitable software for your needs at affordable prices. We also negotiate with the software developer to give you some discount coupons.

There is a huge amount of software, some are shareware while others are freeware. Our mission is to provide unbiased reviews and comparisons of the makes or brands of a given product to provide customers with sufficient information to determine what is the best make, brand, or model of that product for them.

While we generally receive a commission on sales, our recommendations are not based on commissions paid, but rather on the quality of the product. Also, the final price that you paid also not going to be more expensive because we deal with the software developer to pay us the commissions.

We focus on computer software and computer-related services (including SaaS). Our goal is to continually expand, to continually improve, to provide the customer with a quality product, unbias review, and to make a reasonable profit in the process to maintain our website expenses.


How We Review the Software? – Why You Can Trust Us?


We Provide Unbiased Reviews

We select some popular software products, by carefully compiling, classifying, and comparing and then providing the most comprehensive lists of reviewed products for its subjects.

Different products require different testing approaches. Products such as DVDs to video converters are tested by downloading them and trying them out ourselves. Some developers even give us the full version for us to evaluate.


The Truth Must Always Prevail

In addition, each reviewed product has an introduction and detailed feature analysis, as well as the product’s pros and cons. The truth must always prevail by knowing the advantages and drawbacks of specific software.

This is crucial as you can weigh the software by comparing its features and functionalities before making a decision. This way, we hope can help you to make the best choice and spend your money on a worthy product.


We Offer Accurate Info and Comparison

Some of our posts also come with a comparison chart presented to help you easily understand and choose the right software.

From time to time, we also try our best to give the product discount coupon up to 50% which can dramatically reduce the software prices.


We Know the System Support is Important for You!

With respect to support, we try each supplier’s e-mail support (very few suppliers have phone support or chat lines), and see how long it takes on a weekday to get a response, and if the response actually helps us resolve the problem.

If no support email is provided, we also give you a link that is directly connected to the developer’s official site so that you can reach the support team easier.


We Listen to You

Our team is willing to listen to you!! In fact, we take your comments or suggestions seriously as a way to improve our services.

You can share with us your question, or complaint, or even send us the software tips and tricks. You also can use the contact available on the contact us page.


About Legal Disclaimer

The legality of DVD ripping will vary based on your country of residence. We do not in any way endorse violation of the valid rights of copyright holders and strongly recommend that you consult your country’s copyright and fair use laws before copying any video content. We do not condone or encourage any illegal practices (In the case of copyright-protected materials such as movies or DVDs).

All the best.



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